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GT Bulmer Web Bizz Blog: Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started

There is money to be made online. Are you truly interested in getting your share? Here is exactly where to begin! Affiliate Marketing: How to get started.

GT Bulmer, StarrBizz.com © GT Bulmer Web Biz Opportunities - StarrBizz.com

Early this century, before I became actively involved online, I would hear people saying how you can make money online with something called "Affiliate Marketing." I didn't know anything about it, other than companies would allow you to place their banners on your website and when your visitors clicked the banner and purchased something, you would earn a commission.

A few years later, I upgraded my computer hardware and my knowledge of Internet Marketing and became active as an Affiliate Marketer. And then I discovered one of the unfortunate realities of marketing on the Internet: online success takes time and effort just like any other business or entrepreneurial endeavour! There is no quick or easy way.

Fortunately, I had learned one extremely valuable "life lesson" quite a number of years ago. It was this: you can accelerate the speed of your success in anything you Affiliate Marketing: How to get starteddo simply by learning from, and following the advice and recommendations of, successful people who have travelled the path before you.

I found a group of experienced mentors who became my Affiliate Marketing guides. As part of the process, I discovered that I had also become a member of a group of marketing students pursuing the same online dreams and goals as I was. Joining a support group of peers like this is probably one of the best things you can do, especially when you are relatively new to marketing, or if you have not yet found your stride in the business.

This mentorship group has continued to evolve over the past few years and recently, it has taken on a new name:
the Affiliate Power Group

The Affiliate Power Group (AFP) is a membership site that focuses on Affiliate Marketing training and support. The mentors maintain a daily presence in the APG forum where members can ask questions, share ideas and generally interact with other members.

The AFP site is loaded with training guides and resources, all designed to coach members to greater online marketing success.

One particular area of focus is Niche Marketing. Everything that an aspiring marketer could want or need to build a successful niche-focused business is available to members at the APG site.

Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you become an APG member:

- Daily access to five experienced Internet Marketing coaches

- Step-by-step action plan

- Free WordPress installation

Affiliate Power Group- Access to the Internet Marketing Learning Center

- Access and resale rights to niche eBooks, reports and articles

- Unlimited access to the Members Forum

Affiliate Marketing has changed over the years. The market has become incredibly more competitive and these days, to succeed in a big way, you need to have the competitive advantage. That is the whole purpose and focus of the APG.

There are many sources for information, guidance and support on the Internet. One of the great things about the APG is that everything - and I mean EVERYthing - is all together in one place; easy to find, easy to navigate, easy to use, and when you do have questions, mentors and members are always available to offer advice and assistance.

I've been benefiting from the guidance of the APG mentors for quite some time now. I am sold on the value they provide. What I recommend for you is to visit the Affiliate Power Group information page today and get more details on Affiliate Marketing, how to get started.

Web Biz Opportunities Sincerely, GT Bulmer
StarrBizz.com - Home Based Internet Business Opportunities

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Affiliate Power Group: Real People, Real Advice, Real Success

Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started

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Recommended: My Affiliate Power Site: Multiple Streams of Residual Income!

Hi GT,
A very good aand truthful review if the NPG. I have been trying to start an online business now for over 2 1/2 yrs and it was not until
I was introduced to the PPG, now the NPG that I was able to start focusing and have a direction for my business to go.

Hi GT,

I'd like to endorse what you have written about the APG. Excellent training from a dedicated team of friendly and approachable Internet marketing experts. They certainly helped me to turn my business around and get it onto the path to success.

Best wishes,

David Hurley
Multiple Streams Of Internet Income
As always I have found your reviews to be well informed and right on target. Having seen the evolution of the Affiliate Power Group over the past year I totally agree that this is the wisest investment any Internet marketer can make. The mentors and members all share a keen interest in developing a logical step-by-step approach to building an Internet business. Great topic to introduce to your readers!

Bob W.
Make extra money online at Our-Success.com
Hi GT,

Another great post as I have come to appreciate from you every time I visit.

Affiliate marketing can be a minefield and you have identified the common fears of every new stater and given excellent advice on how to avoid the pitfalls,

thanks for sharing,

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