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GT Bulmer Web Bizz Blog: iLearning Global Presentation

Saturday, June 6, 2009

iLearning Global Presentation

NEW Corporate Presentation Now Online!

© GT Bulmer
Web Biz Opportunities - StarrBizz.com

Success education is absolutely vital to personal and business success ... but it is typically not taught in school.

Now, you can get the success education you, your family or your business needs directly from the greatest mastermind ever assembled - learn from the experts online!

iLearningGlobal has just released a new corporate presentation that covers the importance of success education and how to use it for personal and business success.

The new online presentation begins by highlighting successful industrialist Andrew Carnegie who surrounded himself with the best and brightest people he could find and sought to be mentored by them in their areas of expertise. We can all learn from Carnegie and emulate his mastermind process for success.

The video also lists some of the basic "success lesson subjects" that can help a person become more prosperous:

- Money Management
- Leadership
- Time Management
- Communication
- Entrepreneurship
- Marketing
- Parenting
- Relationships

You might be able to line up capable people to "life coach" you in each of these areas, but this kind of mentoring is often time-consuming and expensive.

Quantum Leap in Technology

Now, thanks to a quantum leap in Internet and video technology, iLearning Global has opened the "Vault of Success Education," making it vastly more accessible (24/7 to fit your schedule) and much more economical.

The iLearning Global faculty is comprised of the top 100 of the who's who in the business and training world. You can access this prestigious group of online mentors for just dollars a day. Imagine the benefits to you, your family, your business and your employees.

Included in the new online corporate presentation is a section on how to determine your EvE Ratio and how it can have an enormous impact on your income and your future. EvE stands for Entertainment vs. Education.

Get the EDGE!

The video presentation also highlights one of iLearning Global's best selling learning systems, the EDGE Program. EDGE stands for Expert Directed Guided Education.

EDGE is a full curriculum of courses complete with workbooks, videos, audios, eBooks, action strategies and more to help guide your education. EDGE is beneficial to the individual and ideal for small businesses with a team of employees or sales people.

A lot more is covered in the presentation than is mentioned here. If you are interested in improving your future, this online video presentation will show you where success education fits in and how it relates to your dreams of personal and business success.

For your own benefit, invest a few minutes of your time right now to watch this brand new iLearning Global presentation. Remember, success education is vital for you, your family and your business.

* First, watch the online video: iLearning Global Presentation

* Then visit iLearningGlobal for more information and sign-up details. Sign up as a Subscriber OR as a Business Partner. It's your choice.

Web Biz Opportunities Sincerely, GT Bulmer
StarrBizz.com - Home Based Internet Business Ideas and Opportunities

Learn From The Experts!

iLearningGlobal: Learn From the Experts! Become a Subscriber OR a Business Partner

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* Greatest Mastermind Ever Assembled!

* An Affordable Business Opportunity

* StarrBizz.com recommends Plug-In Profit Site

* StarrBizz.com - Home Based Internet Business

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Thank you for this post GT. I agree with you absolutely, education needs to be an ongoing process. The better educated we are the greater our chance of success.

Michelle Jayes / Online Income Opportunities
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